Cabrini Health, Australia Named 2015 Corporate Citizen on Victoria Day

Cabrini Health has been named Corporate Citizen for 2015 in the Victoria Day Awards* announced today, in recognition of our community benefit program and strong standing as an employer.

At this event, Cabrini was officially represented by Richard Rogers (Chairman of the Cabrini Health Board of Directors) and his wife Ros Rogers; Dr. Michael Walsh (Chief Executive), Mary-Anne Gallagher (Executive Director, People and Culture) and Cath Garner (Executive Director, Mission and Strategy). A party from Cabrini Linen Service attended including Kevin Duong (General Manager) and staff members Meagan McInnes, Nilan Karunaratne and Elsa Chung, as well as Sue Parkes (Interim Director, Cabrini Foundation) and Jackie Meiers (Public Relations Manager).

In presenting the Victoria Day Award for Public and Community Service by a Good Corporate Citizen, Victoria Day Council Chairman Norman Kennedy described Cabrini as a “good corporate citizen” and one that supports and operates programs for disadvantaged people in their community, citing examples such as Cabrini’s support for an Indigenous tutoring program at Stonnington Primary School, CatholicCare, Very Special Kids (Malvern), Family Life (Brighton) and Sacred Heart Mission (St Kilda), as well as Cabrini’s investment in the TransAccess Mobility Support Service, the Malvern emergency food program and our new community bereavement service available through gold coin donation.

Mr. Kennedy says he was honored to introduce this year’s winners. “The Victoria Day Council each year recognizes people in the community that have gone above and beyond their contribution to the community within Victoria. On behalf of the Victoria Day Council, I thank them and congratulate them on their truly outstanding achievements.” In particular, Mr. Kennedy highlighted the Cabrini Linen Service in Dandenong South, which provides employment opportunities for people who might otherwise struggle to find employment, including recently arrived migrants, long term unemployed, homeless, at-risk youth and people who have suffered mental illness or addiction. The Cabrini Linen Service has more than 140 staff, representing 32 different cultural group, and includes 41 staff from the community where it is located.

Kevin Duong CLS landscapePictured is Kevin Duong, General Manager of the Cabrini Linen Service. Arriving in Australia as refugee, Kevin began work as a casual sorter at Cabrini Linen Service and with his own initiative and Cabrini’s support for his education, rose to become General Manager. Read more about Kevin’s story at:

Feast Day Celebration at National Shrine of St. Frances X. Cabrini

FeastoftheSacredHeartofJesus vows 6-12-2015038The Sacred Heart of Jesus represents Christ’s love for all mankind, and our devotion to it is an expression of our faith in His mercy. Our festive day began with adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. followed by Benediction. The Mass was celebrated at 4:00 that afternoon.

Rev. Ted Ploplis, Rector of the Shrine, preached the homily on the theme of opening our hearts to the love of Christ. He illustrated his theme visually through the famous sacred art work of William Holman Hunt’s painting “Christ at the Door Knocking” which hangs in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. A copy of this painting was displayed in the sanctuary during the Mass. Rev. Ted referred to Mother Cabrini’s own understanding of the Heart of Christ as the unalterable sun, aiming its radiant beam of light on our path to a life of holiness and justice.” The Missionary Sisters renewed their vows during the liturgy.

The festive Mass also debuted a new sung Mass written in honor of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini by Kevin Keil.

Cabrini Mission Corps – Capturing a year of service.

A year on mission is many things.  It is a year of discovery, growth, spirituality and friendship.  It is about learning who you are and who you are becoming.  It is about giving of oneself and serving others.  It is about the transformation of  hearts – your own and those of others.  It is about walking with others and walking in their shoes.  It is about the hope of changing the world for the better.  It is about being a “bearer of the love of Christ in the world.”

Please enjoy this video that captures the essence of service with Cabrini Mission Corps.

Cabrini of Westchester, NY celebrates the Feast of the Sacred Heart

On Friday, June 12, 2015, the Administration and staff Cabrini of Westchester celebrated the Feast of the Sacred Heart with a beautiful Mass in the Chapel.  Several Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus as well as four Cabrini Lay Missionaries donned red corsages and renewed their vows and commitments to Jesus and the work of Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini. A celebratory luncheon followed in the Board Room.

Cabrini Immigrant Services, Dobbs Ferry, NY celebrating success!

An observer might think this was just an ordinary late Wednesday afternoon in June at Waterfront Park in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. That same observer might think that the men, women and children gathered there were just an ordinary group of friends picnicking by the bank of our Hudson River. That observer would soon discover, however, that this was no ordinary gathering, no ordinary day and surely no ordinary group of people. This day was special because once again, our ESL tutors, students and families gathered as colleagues and friends to celebrate our success as a Cabrinian family.

The entire afternoon was filled with a cacophony of sights, sounds and tastes. My ears heard the voices of Spanish speaking dads and Chinese speaking moms. My eyes saw the smiles on the faces of Irish and African American tutors; Peruvian and Guatemalan students. In a flash, Ana’s plate of sweet Dominican flan and Michelle’s bowl of spicy Chinese chicken disappeared. Jenny’s Colombian rice and red kidney bean salad was devoured in an instant. And for dessert, good old-fashioned American chocolate cake with white butter cream icing was enjoyed by all.

Still, in the midst of all this chatting and eating we took a moment to pause and applaud Cabrini’s successful students. Among them were Michelle and Cesar who recently took the oath to become citizens of the United States. Ana who graduated from Westchester Community College with an Associate Degree in Business and Jenny who received straight As in her psychology courses at Mercy College.

At Cabrini Immigrant Services, we are thankful for many things, but most of all for the fine relationships, which have developed through the years. It is our belief that fostering and sustaining these relationships is the key to success.

Cabrini High School Receives Donation to Feed the Poor

Cabrini High School received a $3,750.00 donation from Cargill Corporation to help feed the poor at St. Jude’s Community Center.

CAB Cargill Donation photo crCabrini students, faculty, parents, and alumnae volunteer at St. Jude’s to feed the poor on the third Saturday of each month. The members of the local Cargill committee, based out of Westwego, have partnered with Cabrini on this project since 2011 to provide monetary support for purchasing the food, supplies, and underwrite transportation to for the Cabrini volunteers.  Cargill Production Supervisor Peter Langhoff presented a check to Cabrini President Yvonne Hrapmann for their continued support.

June 12th is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Ad Majorem Gloriam Sacratissimi Cordis Jesu

Sacred Heart of Jesus graphic 72In this Cabrinian motto, “for the greater glory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus” we understand the passion of Mother Cabrini for the glory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: a passion which pervaded her whole missionary life and which overflowed into everything that she did and wrote.

Mother Cabrini fully corresponded with the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which motivated her to translate into action the mystical experience of loving communion with Jesus.

For Mother Cabrini, words, movements, and thoughts were the field of action in which the Heart of Jesus could work especially in people who were open in expectant faith and love. Those who love Jesus are happy when He is loved by others. ~ Remembering the Journey

On this Feast of the Sacred Heart, we give thanks for the abiding faith, zeal and activism of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Cabrini Lay Missionaries.

May His Sacred Heart bless you always!

Advocacy Day – Anti Human Trafficking

The Cabrini Action and Advocacy Coalition joined with advocates from all over Pennsylvania at the Capitol Building in Harrisburg on Tuesday, June 9th, to visit legislators to discuss Senator Greenleaf and Senator Leach’s upcoming Safe Harbor Bill to protect minors who have been trafficked.

Trafficking 6What does Safe Harbor do?

S.B. 851 would require law enforcement to report to the Department of Human Services any encounter with a minor who has been subject to sexual exploitation.  The Department will develop and implement a state-wide protocol to deliver safe long-term housing, education, life-skills training, and counseling to the children who have been exploited.  The bill would require that police be trained to identify and assist sexually exploited children.  Most importantly, the bill would require that sexually exploited children be diverted from the criminal justice system to more appropriate human services.

Senator Daylin Leach (shown at podium) said, “There is no such thing as a child prostitute. There are only victims and survivors of child rape. S.B. 851 would establish a non-punitive response for juvenile sex-trafficking victims, and provide them with support to address their trauma and specialized services, which would be partially funded through enhanced penalties for traffickers, facilitators, and patrons of prostitution wherein the victim was a minor. Juveniles involved in sex-trafficking are already considered crime victims under international and federal law. Pennsylvania must advance anti-human trafficking reforms such as this legislation to protect these innocent children.”

Beginnings at Cabrini College

On three days in June, the College welcomes three groups of over 100 first-year students from the Class of 2019 and their parents and families to campus for ourBeginnings - group cr Beginnings Program.

The College’s spirited and talented student Peer Mentors will serve as hosts and share their experiences as Cabrini students with our incoming first-year students during Beginnings. During the day, incoming first-year students can meet other new students, develop a sense of community, and make new friends who will also begin the “First-Year Experience.” Students will have the opportunity to explore the college’s liberal arts core curriculum, will be introduced to and engage with the College’s summer reading, and will speak to their own individual academic interests.

While students are immersed in the campus community throughout the course of the day, parents and family members in attendance will also be oriented to various campus resources and learn about how to best collaborate with the Cabrini Community to ensure success. Family members will meet and create relationships with other families of new students and develop a better of understanding of how to assist their student with beginning the transition to college life at Cabrini. ~ excerpts from a letter to the campus community from Saleem Brown, Associate Director of the First Year Experience

Sr. Christine Marie Baltas, MSC, gave the blessing and invocation for the day. She offered these insights to the students, “from the beginning, Cabrini College has provided students the opportunity for a unique educational experience, an experience that can be transformational. If you are open and willing to allow it to happen, you will learn and grow as a person; you will be challenged academically in your chosen field; you will become aware of social justice issues; and you will realize that you can make a difference in the world. You will receive an “Education of the Heart.”’

Sister Christine Marie closed with this blessing, “My prayer for you as you begin this orientation is that you will experience the joy of making new friends, that you’ll become more familiar with the campus, and that you’ll experience the peace and joy of knowing deep within yourself that Cabrini is the place for you. May God bless you, your families and all those who have supported you in making your desire to attend Cabrini become a reality.”

Sharing an experience of Guatemala

It was the start of the Memorial Day weekend. When so many people were beginning the unofficial start of summer, many of our adult tutors and friends attended an evChristine Marie 2 and Lorraine Campanelli crening presentation on Guatemala. Sr. Christine Marie Baltas, MSC, from Cabrini College in Radnor, PA, presented her experience while in Guatemala with a college class.

Cabrini Immigrant Services in Dobbs Ferry, NY, serves a large population of people from Guatemala. It was felt that we needed to know more about the people we serve and what better way to learn than by someone who has had the experience of being in their country of origin.

Throughout Sr. Christine Marie’s presentation, we were brought to different areas of Guatemala. We saw how the people of Guatemala live. They experience injustice in so many ways. The people have been deprived of food and water, things that we take for granted. One could understand their fears especially when they arrive in a new country.

Sr. Christine Marie shared some of the student’s videos of their experiences on You-Tube. You can tell that each of them were touched in a very deep way through this experience. We, too, were affected very deeply by the presentation. Those who attended have asked that we meet again to share all that we learned. I believe that this presentation opened our eyes even more to what our clients have dealt with in their lives.

Thank you Sr. Christine Marie for sharing your experience with us!