Cabrini College Holds Forum on Faith, Climate and Health

Cabrini College lays claim to a beautiful campus forested with trees both young and old, a bustling wildlife presence, and students who call these grounds home. On Friday, April 17th, The Wolfington Center sponsored a conference to engage concerned citizens in the practice of entering into a healthy relationship with that natural world which men and women everywhere call home. Dr. John Burke, Cabrini College Professor of Religious Studies, organized the day-long event with a series of speakers, presenters, and dialogue amongst community members.

More than fifty attendees were treated to a thought-provoking piece by Dr. Burke to begin the day. The conversation concentrated on the relationship between the Catholic faith and environmental issues in our modern world. He reviewed the different themes of Catholic engagement with these issues ranging from the work of Cardinal Turkson to different encyclicals that display the varying facets of how the Church has mostly been on the stewardship and anthropocentric side of the environmental relationship. Dr. Burke then projected the steps which these people of faith ought to take in order for the concept of “green discipleship” to become genuine practice. His challenge to the Catholic Church was to view Catholic Social Teaching through an environmental lens as inhabitants in relationship with the natural world around it, rather than in a dominating relationship over the world.

Catholic perspectives were not the only ones heard throughout the day. Renowned Rabbi Arthur Waskow sparked the room with dialogue about the earth-oriented theology of Hebrew Scriptures. Rabbi Waskow spoke of how we need to change what we name ideas, both the idea of global warming and how we understand the name of God. Rabbi Waskow suggests that we start saying that we are scorching the earth, and recommends we start using the term global scorching in order to get across the extremity of the situation. He then exhorted us to think of the name of God as the breath of life, the breath that all living things breathe and that we all breathe reciprocally from each organism to the next: the trees breathe in what we breathe out, and we breathe in what the trees breathe out. Reconsidering our understanding of the name of God, will make us reconsider our relationship to our breath, and thus what we put out into the world to breathe.

Continuing with the theme of applying green practices to all aspects of our world, the conference broke into small groups with three presentations. Dr. Carrie Nielsen, Cabrini College associate professor of Biology, shared the science of climate change is making people around the world sick. Global warming (or scorching if we abide by Rabbi Waskows suggestion) often is associated with nature and the harm we are doing to nature, or the ice caps, or the polar bears at the ice caps. However, Dr. Nielsen shows that global warming has killed, and will continue to kill people until something is done. Dr. Nielsen also gave groups time to reflect and come up with ideas to help change our stereotypical understanding of global warming to add a human element.

Chuck Marshall, joining from Central Baptist Church, led his group through the history of his church becoming a carbon neutral building and institution, the processes they went through to get to that level, and suggestions of what they could do further, and what other buildings and institutes could do in order to get to neutral emissions.

Finally, as a continuation of his larger presentation, Rabbi Arthur Waskow spoke about the application of Hebrew Scriptures in today’s ecological world, and specifically how we can allocate our money responsibly, in order to help maintain a more ecologically friendly world.

Through interfaith dialogue and a shared passion to embody genuine care for God’s creation, this gathering offered a deepened the sense of responsibility for this beautiful campus which so many people call home. This small gathering for Cabrini College is one big step forward to educating the hearts of the world around it. For as St. Francis of Assisi says, “A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.”CP1 CP3 CP5 CP6 CP14 CP10 CP7 CP13 CP9

Love through Service – Cabrini Mission Corps Holds Fundraiser

The Cabrini family knows no boundaries, and the Cabrini Mission Corps has long embodied this beautiful characteristic of our community. On the evening of Friday, April 17th, the Woodcrest Mansion at Cabrini College came alive with the energy of current and former missioners, board members, family, and friends in celebration. In reflecting upon her experience with the young men and women who have served alongside the Missionary Sisters, Sr. Diane Olmstead, MSC, beautifully captured what the gathering was meant to recognize in the Cabrini Mission Corps: relationship.

As current missioners Ashley Block, Martin Garcia, Matt Kaehler, and Connor White each offered a moment of reflection on their experiences with Cabrini Mission Corps, it was clear that Sr. Diane had hit the nail on the head.

“Cabrini College challenges us to do something extraordinary, but Cabrini Mission Corps challenges us to be something extraordinary,” shared Martin Garcia. Cabrini Mission Corps, for those currently or formerly involved with the program, has served as an extraordinary source of love for the world around it. As Sr. Christine Marie Baltas, MSC, phrases it, these young men and women, “bloom where they are planted.” The beautiful presence of relationship continues to blossom wherever missioners find themselves planted.

An enormous credit for the evening must be handed to our beloved director, Gina Scarpello, whose guidance has seen to the growth and presence of Cabrini Mission Corps for years. Throughout the evening, a slideshow displaying photos of former and current missioners all over the world played as a backdrop to the festivities. Each smiling face in these photos served as testament to the life and love, which Gina has infused into the Cabrini Mission Corps.

Another huge thank you is to be directed towards the people who supported the mission through the event. Proceeds from the evening will go to support future missioners in their endeavors to be bearers of the love of Christ in the world.

As Friday evening showed, the Cabrini family knows no boundaries for the love that it cultivates. Music, food, and drink were accompanied by conversation and laughter, but one thing stole the evening more so than any of those: relationship.

World Day of Prayer for Vocations is April 26th

Year of Consecrated Life 2The Message of Pope Francis for the 52st World Day of Prayer for Vocations was released this week. This commemoration is traditionally the fourth Sunday of Easter and will be celebrated this year on April 26.

You can read the Holy Father’s Message at


Cabrini College – Celebrating 10 Years of Social Justice and Service

CRS simulation Sr. Grace WatersTen years ago, faculty and administrators at Villanova University and Cabrini College realized that introducing college students to the real world lives of people around the world would help to shape them into engaged and caring citizens.

[Coincidentally,] Catholic Relief Services (CRS) came to the conclusion that in order to engage young people in the United States, working through

universities would be the best way [in which to achieve this goal.]

With this realization, the two groups began to help each other.

CRS works to lessen suffering and help those who are in need in over 100 countries around the world.

On campus, CRS student ambassadors work to raise awareness and involvement for a variety of global humanitarian issues that impact the less fortunate all around the world.

On Tuesday, April 14th, Cabrini College celebrated ten years of a partnership with CRS. At the campus celebration Cabrini President Dr. Donald Taylor and CRS Executive Vice President Joan Rosenhauer signed a partnership for the next ten years. Through the partnership, Cabrini College assisted CRS with its national and global curriculum and Cabrini College became the 17th college (nationwide) to receive Fair Trade status. Students were also given the chance to lobby and advocate on over 500 lobbying visits.

“It’s a profound privilege to have been here since the beginning of our partnership,” said Maureen McCullough, regional CRS director of Northeast Mid-Atlantic. “Throughout the ten years, it is amazing to see the impact not only on Cabrini and CRS, but on the people that we seek to serve around the globe.”

Cabrini Action and Advocacy Coalition Focuses on Human Exploitation

Human Exploitation: Ending the Demand

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 3.17.40 PMLearn about the connection between the demand for pornography and human trafficking.

Attend this insightful workshop at Cabrini College in Radnor, PA.

Saturday, April 11th 2:00 – 4:30 pm

Widener Lecture Hall

Featured speakers:

Dr. Mary Ane Layden and James Tarring Cordrey

For more information, please contact:

Cabrini College Honors Civil Rights Leader

Ivy Young Willis Award 1 crThe Cabrini College community bestowed the Ivy Young Willis and Martha Willis Dale Award upon Gloria Richardson, a civil rights pioneer. The award was inaugurated in 1992 through the generosity of William G. Willis, to honor his late wife. Ivy Young Willis was a teacher, administrator and reading consultant whose work at WQED in Pittsburgh led the way for the teaching of reading on public television.

The title of the award was amended to honor the impact of and memory of Martha Dale, William and Ivy’s daughter, and her time at Cabrini College. Martha passed away in 2012.

The award is presented annually to a woman who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of public affairs. This is the first time a civil rights leader has been so recognized.

This year’s honoree, Gloria Richardson is best known as the leader of the Cambridge Movement, a local human rights struggle in Maryland’s Eastern Shore town of Cambridge during the early 1960s. Under Richardson’s leadership, the Cambridge Movement established the goal of overthrowing Cambridge’s racial caste system that included inadequate living wages, poor housing, and lack of healthcare. The Cambridge Movement utilized the tactics of passive resistance and armed self-defense to achieve these goals. Importantly, the social justice focus of the Cambridge Movement signalled the beginning of the Black Power phase of the modern Black liberation struggle.

Ms. Richardson was born in Baltimore in May 1922 and went on to earn a B.A. in Sociology in 1942 at Howard University, an historically black institution in Washington, D. C.

The Ivy Young Willis and Martha Willis Dale Award honors the belief that women have a unique talent for improving the climate and conduct of public affairs.

Cabrini Health, Australia Launches New Look for Staff

New uniforms - Cabrini Health crPut a large red circle around Monday 20 April. This is the first day Cabrini staff will come to work wearing their new, bright and distinctive uniforms.

In 2012, new branding was introduced across the organization. The rebranding was reflected in Cabrini’s stationery, online presence, vehicle fleet and signage. The new look presented Cabrini as a healthcare facility with a strong heritage and a progressive nature. To complete implementation of the new brand across all facets of our organization, Cabrini staff will soon wear the same distinctive and unifying new brand integrated into their uniforms.

Natalie Sullivan, Executive Director of Continuing Care and Brighton (who has executive responsibility for patient experience), has been a member of the uniform steering committee since its inception and says the change is a successful and positive one for the organisation. Importantly, the new staff uniforms respond to feedback from staff, patients and their families.

Reason for the change

“Our research shows that patients and their families want to know who is looking after them,” says Natalie. “These new uniforms will help people to identify the role of the person providing care. “Each nurse, allied health professional, allied health assistant, diagnostic and patient services staff member will wear a distinctive uniform that identifies their role, supports them practically in the work they do, is easy to wear, care for and recognize.”

Input for the new staff uniforms was gathered during staff focus groups and discussions. Community members were consulted through Cabrini’s peak body for consumer involvement, the Patient, Resident and Family Experience Advisory Committee known as PEAC.

Natalie says she is grateful to all the staff who have provided input. “While not everyone will necessarily love every piece of the new uniforms, we have taken a lot of time with the change, seeking input and modifying the range in response to staff feedback.”

Looks, comfort and practicality

The main point of differentiation in the uniforms is the tops staff will wear. Our nurses will wear a red shirt featuring a dense pattern made up of the Cabrini ‘C’ symbol designed by Jock Mitchell of Manifesto Works. Allied health professionals will wear shirts sporting a yarn-dyed check in Cabrini colours. Diagnostic practitioners will wear shirts featuring a small grey check. Ward assistants and patient services assistants will wear a shirt that has a fine red stripe. Patient services and administrative staff will wear a printed blouse featuring a print showing elements of the Cabrini logo. All will choose from the same range of skirts, pants and shorts in a charcoal fabric designed exclusively for Cabrini. While unquestionably charcoal in effect, the fabric is a subtle blend of black and silver, to give it a slight lift and sense of class.

Perhaps more importantly, the fabrics used in the new staff uniforms are easy-care and designed to be fit-for-purpose. For example, a ward nurse in their daily activities may need to stretch, bend and shower patients. To support these tasks, the nursing shirts have extra deep action backs, are slightly longer in the body than before and sport a concealed modesty button. The fabric has a mechanical stretch and wicking feature to draw moisture away from the skin and dry quickly. Such role-specific modifications were based on feedback at staff focus groups and will ensure that the uniform items are not simply attractive, but will perform at an optimal level in the rigors of a work day.

The fabric for the pants and skirts has the feel of fine wool. The same cloth is used in the jackets worn by administrative staff and nurse managers. Optional pieces including a red cardigan with charcoal piping, or a new Cabrini tie are also on offer for specific working groups.

Cabrini is part of the communities in which our hospitals and healthcare facilities lie, so our uniform, colours and logo are familiar. It will take a little time before the new look is instantly  as distinctly Cabrini but information will readily available to patients, residents and their families, explaining what each uniform means, and before long, our new uniforms will once again blend into local life.

Under Construction: A New Cabrini Closet

Last week, the CAAC in partnership with LifeWay Network and St. Raymond’s High School for Boys began construction of the Cabrini Closet, NYC. The boys receive training on human trafficking and then they performed the service of transforming an open space into a beautiful boutique. In total, approximately 84 boys will participate in this program. The closet will provide fashionable young women’s clothing to those who very often have nothing after leaving their trafficked situation. After three sessions, the closet is on schedule to be open early May in the Grammercy Park area of Manhattan.  More information on the location of the closet will be forthcoming in the near future.

This closet will certainly be a beautiful ministry, which will provide a much-needed service to those who are beginning a new life of freedom.

Any member of the Cabrinian Community who is interested in volunteering to help at the closet is invited to contact  Melanie Paccillo at or Karol Brewer at

Information for anyone wishing to donate clothing or gift cards will follow in the future Weekly Updates.  We expect to be able to accept donations by May 1st. Cabrini Closet 10

Arts Night Raises Awareness of Human Trafficking

Last week the Cabrini Action Arts Night Against Human Traffickingand Advocacy Coalition (CAAC) hosted a night of arts and poetry written and performed by survivors of human trafficking. It was a wonderful event attended by more than 50 people. More than $700 was raised for LifeWay Network and BeaSister2aSister.

The event began with snacks and acoustic guitar music performed by Dan Baker. Josh Guerrero, an anti-trafficking activist from Washington Heights, was the MC of the evening. Poets Melanie and Takira performed pieces they wrote for this event. Cherisse created a photo slide show to the Whitney Houston song, “I Never Knew My Strength.” Actor AJ Hayes from The Possibility Project performed a narrative of one survivor’s story and move into activism. Members of the crowd were overall very moved. Some, including MC Josh, found themselves in tears. Speakers from LifeWay Network, BeaSister2aSister, and Mentari spoke to the crowd about the work their respective organizations are doing in the fight against human trafficking. The evening concluded with a raffle of four amazing prizes.

A huge thank you is due to everyone who prayed for the success of this event. Your support was certainly felt and very much appreciated.